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News 2003

Choose a Jewish Name

It’s always very important to choose Jewish name in accordance to what it’s meaning by the Torah. Therefore, we are happy to present you the list of the most common Jewish names. May your choice be blessed.

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Haya Mushka

Life in our kindergarten is always very busy and our children have no time to waste. Recently the line of Channukah holidays had passed, that were so exciting. We welcomed Mykolayiv puppets-theater. All the kids enjoyed watching wonderful tale “Stories of Little Fox”. A few days later we held children arts contest dedicated to Channukah, which is named as the holiday of lights. That is why there were a lot of Channukah candles made by kids. Moreover they created their favorite Sevivons (peg-top), that looked so gorgeous. Contest winners got prizes and the right to light the candles on menorah, which was made of a lot of bright lights. It was put on the windows of our kindergarten’s music hall. By the last Channukah day all the rooms were glowing.

Our children participated at the Channukah show held at City concert hall. Each year they learn new wonderful dances. This year the audience could see new performances: “Channukah Evening”, “Mindal”, “Sufganiet”. Little dancers on stage, how sweet that is.

Last few days kids were preparing for a new staging. This is going to be a real play. Roles are spread and children learn them with a lot of enthusiasm. The performance will contain a lot of music.

We welcomed Mykolayiv puppets-theater

Channukah show at City concert hall

Channukah show at City concert hall

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Recently, with all its pleasure and joy we celebrated Jewish Holiday Simhat Beit Ashova, which signifies the end of Sukkot. It was organized by Mykolayiv Jewish Community and by personal assistance of the head Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb. He had blessed all the guests with Lulav.

Despite the pouring raid, quite a lot of people managed to come and the hall, which was conditionally divided on men and women part was completely full.

Simhat Beit Ashoeva, which by the way means “rejoicing of water aspersion” had been celebrated with songs of boys choir “Yaudei Isroel,” girls dance groups and even our Jewish Doll Theater. Ekaterina Mazurenko, who graduated from the school “Or-Menachem” had debuted as the dance groups’ choreographer.

Perhaps, the most exciting part of the evening was the parody on the famous TV show in Russia “Bolshaia Stirka” by “Or-Menachem” pupil Edik Ayzikin. This guy literally terrorized the guests with funny questions. His main interviewers were Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, Moshe and Freidi Kaminezky and the principal of “Or-Menachem” Galina Nelina and of course well-known Gregory Anbinder.

The holiday estafette was given to our Pervomayisk guests. Alla Liskevitch and the chairman of Pervomaysk Jewish Community sang for the audience with kleizmer orchestra “Mazl Tov”. Famous Jewish melodies-freihels were sang: “Hevenu Sholom Aleychem,” “Hava-Nagila,” etc.

Chasidic dances are one of the most important parts of the celebration, so all the guests danced with pleasure. Frankly speaking, all the guests were tired but happy that they were loaded with positive energy, cheer and optimism.

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Jubilee in Voznesensk

Voznesensk Jewish Community has completed its fifth year. Thanking our Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, it attained its second breath. Members have an ability to learn Hebrew, Torah and Jewish traditions. We celebrate all the holidays and keep the traditions. Each Friday we gather up to welcome Shabath. We even have kleizmer orchestra and little library.

The unrelievable chairman of the community is Dmitry Abramovitch. Our spirit leader is Boris Sokolovsky. The head Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb often visits our community, and we are always more than glad to see him.

Mykolayiv branch of charity foundation “Hesed Menachem” play important role in life of disabled and indigent people. That is why we are grateful to its director Lubov Maksimadji, who has been devoted to the foundation for quite a long time. Recently she visited our community with “Hesed Menachem” charity mission and presented new programs that were to be performed in the nearest future.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the Jewish New Year—Rosh Hashana. We laid the holiday table. We had guests from Israel—the young guys who helped us with the religion part: lighting the candles, reading the prayers, etc.

Our community life is being brought to life again, so are Jewish culture and traditions. Many people could feel themselves as Jews, which is very important for us. We would like to express our gratefulness to all the people, that help us growing stronger.

G. Isaeva

Sukkot in Kindergarten “Haya-Mushka”

Unity and joy are determined motives of Sukkot. It is one of the most incredible and joyful holidays, that our kids love very much. One of the commandment of Sukkot is building a Sukka (cabin). Children usually can’t wait to see the small cabin in the backyards. We also built one. Our pupils made it looking very bright by decorating it with a lot of garlands. All 7 days of the holiday we will have Sukka in our backyard. Every morning our children come out the house and put together 4 kinds of plants: Etrog, Lulav, Adas and Arava and bless them.

As for Sukkot, we must be full of joy and happy. That’s why our pedagogical staff had prepared funny entertaining program with games, songs and dances.

S. Jigadlo

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Sukkot in Kindergarten “Haya-Mushka”

Sukkot in Kindergarten “Haya-Mushka”