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Program “Yahrzeit”

Recently members of Mykolayiv Jewish Community, whose relatives passed in Sivan (by Jewish calendar) came to Meshkovka cemetery. More than 20 people visited graves in the main walk area and then in other places where Mykolayiv Jews were buried.

As known by the Jewish tradition one must read Kadish, which is one of the most incredible and deep prayers in Judaism. Kadish was formed in Aramaic language more than 2000 years ago.

This prayer of a man, who addresses to G-d in the bitter time of his life. He raises up praises with no grumbling and complaints. For saying the prayer it’s necessary to make “Miniyan”—10 Jewish men over bar-mitzva age. A son of a buried must read Kaddish, so he signs the succession of generations.

Also prayers “El-Mole” and psalms of David were read. Everyone lit the candles in memory of those who passed.

This is not our visit to the city cemetery in the frame of program “Yahrzeit”. We are glad to see those who would to keep the tradition of death anniversary, even though if they don’t know how to do it. We are always here to help you.

Yahrzeit is an ancient Jewish tradition that appeared many centuries ago. It commemorates only according to the Jewish calendar. Dates of death vary in Jewish and Gregorian calendar depending on year. Counting the dates may only be accomplished with help of special reference book, that is available in the synagogue. To make the procedure easier each person should fill the inquiry with the fields: name, surname, address, telephone, information about the passed, death date.

Our sages teach us that when a Jew passes on his soul goes first to Mearat Hamakhpela where she is received by Avraham the Patriarch. Then the Neshama continues on its journey that G-d decide for it. It is extremely important that the relatives that they address to G-d with prayers. For religious people reading Kadysh is a big glory. Though it is important for more atheistic minded people, because every person who considers himself as a Jew, must respect Jewish traditions no matter how religious he or she is.

Gregory Anbinder curator of Yahrzeit program said that there are more than 1000 filled forms. They all were processed and added to the special database. The only thing that worries a bit is that we have a lot of forms filled by aged people. We should attract younger ones too. To perform the whole ceremony on one’s own is a bit too hard. One must know all the traditions of Yahrzeit. It’s necessary to count the date by Jewish calendar. MKJCC would be glad to help you.

S. Kozlov