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Charity Foundation “Hesed Menachem”

Nikolaev Charity Foundation “Hesed Menachem” has been working for more than 3 years.

“Hesed Menachem” is named after our countryman Menachem Mendel Shneerson, 7-th Lubavitch Rebe. “Hesed” means charity and it means so much for our volunteers. Our foundation’s ideology may be explained by 3 main terms: idishkayt, volunteering and community.

Hesed volunteers are willing-hearted and disinterested assistants of all the Hesed programs. We are always ready to help our elderly people and those who need social protection.

You don’t have enough food? — Our program “Food” allows you to have dinner in our kosher canteen.

Your pension is not enough to buy medicines? Program “Medical Consulting” will help you buy all the necessary medicaments.

Our food packages in the frame of program “Packages” will vary your ration.

Are you taking rehabilitation course after traumas or diseases? We’re here to help you and with our program “Rehabilitation equipment hire”.

Program “Parcel blind” will help all those who have problems with sight. We will find you necessary equipment and invite to our evening meetings.

If you’re unable to do house work, we’re ready to send our volunteers in the frame of program “House care”.

Volunteers of program “Moked” will help you fixing domestic electrical appliances, sanitary engineering, watches, clothes, sharpen instruments. Our people are ready to do it all free of charge.

Taking care of the body is extremely important for every Jew, though we pay more attention to our soul. That what Hesed is about. Program “Club” opens its doors to people willing to gain knowledge on our history, contribution of our nation into civilization.

In our library you can find various books and periodical publications. Our lectures, discussions and clubs will make your leisure moments unforgettable.

Those who can’t attend our club often, we may organize meetings that we call “Sweet Home”. It’s kind of like mini-clubs, places where you can talk and meet.

Our program “Museum” gathers the most detailed information on life of Jewish Community Center and its outstanding members.

Our focus of interest is not only the past of our community center, but we care about our future too. That is why our program “Mazol Tov” offers manifold child culture programs to young parents.

We can’t forget about our former members, who live outside our town. All roads of program “Hesed On Wheels” leads to other inhabited locality in our region. With the advent of our car with beautiful “Hesed” emblem on the top make inhabitants of other region settlements truly happy.

We created the special program called “Curator Service”, that accomplishes connection with all members of our foundation. Our curators know all their problems and joys.

Our leading organ is the direction, that defines the strategy of charity realization, it also takes important decisions for more effective work of the foundation.

Originators of the foundation is Mykolayiv Jewish Community and American Jewish Distributive Committee “Joint”. Accomplishment of all kinds of our activities is supported by finance and technical aid of “Joint” and “Claims Conference”.