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Mykolayiv is a town with strong Jewish traditions. By the beginning of the XX century each fifth resident was a Jew. Particularly, one of the most honored men of our time — the 7-th Lubavitch Rebbe was born in Mykolayiv. Before the October Revolution there were 26 synagogues in the town, and at the ceremony of opening the synagogue on Chernigovskaia str. presented admiral Greig himself.

In fifties the last synagogue was closed, and it seemed that the Jewish life had died forever. However, in 1991 Department of Religion registered Mykolayiv Jewish Community. In September all the Jewish people celebrated the feast opening of Mykolayiv Synagogue. Guests from Moscow, USA and Israel attended the party and the culmination was the Hupa, that was made by 10 couples.

The development of the community center had turned into a new way after Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb arrived. Jewish life, culture and traditions started to revitalize. People gained their Jewish self-consciousness. Spiritual support and material aid started to be provided for Jewish people so they could feel themselves as Jews.

All of the Jewish holidays are celebrated widely, we arrange concerts and shows. There is Eshyva working at the synagogue, where students can learn Torah, Hebrew, and laws of Jewish life. Each Sunday Rebetzin Dina Gottlieb gathers women club. We also have children club “Tsyvos Hashem” working, as well as sport sections and literature club. Our newspaper is called “Yahad”, where you can find interesting facts about Jewish history of Mykoalyiv region and all our newws. However, what we consider as our main achievement is our secondary school “Or-Menachem” and kindergarten “Haya-Mushka”.

Our work is supplied by foundation “Or-Avner” and Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine. We have our centers not only in Mykolayiv, but in Pervomaysk, Voznesensk, Noviy Bug, Krivoe Ozero, Ochakov, Novaia Odessa. All the Jewish people from Mykolayiv region may join us.

Nowadays, the population of Mykolayiv is 620 thousand people. Amount of Jewish people is approximately 15 thousand. | | | |