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Chanukkah celebration in Ochakov

Ochakov Jewish Community celebrated bright holiday Channukah at the building of school #1, where Hebrew and Traditions classes take place. On December, 1-st after the lessons, all the people (including those who don’t learn Hebrew) laid out the table and had holiday meal. It contained fruits, sweets, juices and, of course traditional Chanukkah donuts. The Chairman of Ochakov Community Efim Tvardovsky had told the story of Chanukkah and congratulated all the Jews. Members had joined with greetings and wished everyone 120 years of living. Of course, there had been songs and dances as it must be in such a sweet holiday.

We all are grateful to our head Rabbi of Mykolayiv Region Sholom Gottlieb for making it all happened.

Members of Ochakov Jewish Community “Khabad”

Pesakh in Ochakov

It’s been 3 years that Ochakov Jewish Community celebrates “Pesakh”. It was a real pleasure for us to accept 25 people this year, as in the year 5761 we only had 12 guests came.

Today, we have the possibility to hold Hebrew classes at the local school and have various activities. On April, 13-th Mrs. Sima Ofir (representative of Sohnut agency in Odessa region) and (representative from Israel) Mr. Shamron visited our community. They brought us some matza and grape juice. They told us a story about Pesakh and how it should be celebrated. Afterwards, we had an interesting discussion. Mr. Shamron asked the questions about the life of our community, and we willingly answered.

After our guests left, we’d been discussing our seminar and how should we celebrate Pesakh, who should be invited for Seder.

On April, 17-th (Nissan, 15-th) the whole community gathered for the party. Before the sunset we lit the candles. I read Kadish above the glass of wine, told the members why we eat Matza and the meaning of each element of the holiday. At the Seder every person has to drink at least 4 glasses of wine or juice. After the dinner we all danced and sang “Havah Nagilah” and “Pevenah Shalom”.

For us, who got through the WWII and the years of oppressing it’s a great pleasure our children and grandchildren having fun with us. We remembered how our own grandmas baked matza secretly to celebrate Pesakh. Now the times have changed, and we feel proud to be Jews and celebrate our traditional holidays.

Our community express our gratefulness to the head Rabbi of Mykoalyiv Region Sholom Gottlieb for helping us. We would like to thank Jewish Agency Sohnut and its collaborators. Also, we thank Charity Foundation “Hesed Menachem” for providing our pensioners with material aid.

In the conclusion, I would like to quote from the final part of “Hagada”: “Leshano ga-bo birushalaim” (Next year in Jerusalem).

The Chairman of Ochakov Jewish Community
Efim Tvardovsky

Pesakh celebration in Ochakov

Pesakh celebration in Ochakov

Pesakh celebration in Ochakov